What are the Enrollment Periods at Cornell Univeristy?

Cornell has two enrollment periods: Pre-Enrollment and Regular Enrollment. Pre-Enrollment will be your first opportunity to enroll in Fall classes. Regular Enrollment will be your second opportunity to enroll in classes before the start of the semester.

July Pre-Enrollment

Fall 2024 Pre-Enrollment for Incoming Students will begin on Wednesday July 24th, 2023 at 9:00 am (ET) through Thursday July 25th at 4:00pm (ET).

August Regular Enrollment

Fall 2024 Regular Enrollment for all students (continuing and incoming) will begin on August 19th at 9:00am (ET).

The published Fall 2024 Class Roster  lists our officially confirmed courses at Cornell Tech. As a Cornell Tech student, you will only be able to enroll in classes hosted by our campus programs at Cornell Tech. Ithaca classes are not available for enrollment unless otherwise noted below in the FAQ section as a special exception.

  • When reviewing the class roster, you must filter by Location for “Cornell Tech” to review eligible Cornell Tech campus offerings.
  • Please make sure to review the class roster notes of a course as it will indicate if you are eligible to enroll in the class based on your academic program (i.e. Limited to Cornell Tech PhD Students only, instructor permission needed, etc.).
    • A small amount of courses will have special enrollment processing – please review the FAQ section as it will inform you on which classes and next steps!
  • Class meeting patterns, times, grading basis, prerequisites, classroom locations, etc. are official and published.

Further updates will be announced and updated on this page as we approach the Fall semester.

Important Dates to Remember: Studio Maker Days!

Studio Maker Days are scheduled on the following dates for Fall 2024:


  1. Maker Day 1: Sept 26th – Sept 27th
  2. Maker Day 2: Oct 17th – Oct 18th
  3. Maker Day 3: Nov 21st –  Nov 22nd
  4. Open Studio: December 10th
  5. Final Presentations: Afternoon of Dec 13th

Curriculum & Academic Calendar Resources

Cornell Tech Academic Calendar

Click here to review the Cornell Tech Academic Calendar. Cornell Tech adheres to the Ithaca Academic Calendar for start/end dates of classes, holidays, etc. We will have an adjusted Reading Day Schedule for the Fall term that is mentioned in the link.

Cornell Tech Curriculum Guides

Please follow your program’s academic requirements on your program curriculum sheet here. If you are having difficulty enrolling in a mandatory/required class for your program, please email the Student & Academic Affairs Team.