University enrollment is the process by which students enroll in classes. There are two periods for enrollment at Cornell Tech: Pre-Enrollment and Regular Enrollment.


Fall 2022 Pre-Enrollment will allow you a first opportunity to enroll in classes and make schedule changes closer to the start of classes. You will be able to begin enrolling starting on July 13th at 9:00am through July 14th at 4:00pm.


Fall 2022 Regular Enrollment, The 2nd Enrollment Period, will begin on August 15th at 9:00am (ET) through September 6th at 11:59pm (ET).


Please follow your program’s academic requirements on your program curriculum sheet. If you are having difficulty enrolling in a required class for your program requirement, please email Student & Academic Affairs!


The Cornell Tech Academic Calendar is here for your reference. Please note Cornell Tech adheres to the Ithaca Academic Calendar for start/end dates of classes, holidays, etc. We will have an adjusted Reading Day/Finals Week indicated on that calendar link!


Fall 2022 Add/Drop Deadlines

Full Semester Length Course Deadlines (such as CS, ECE, ORIE, INFO)

Add Deadline: September 6th at 11:59pm (ET).

Adding a class after September 6th will only be considered in extreme circumstances and requires permission of the faculty via an add/drop form.


Drop Deadline: October 17th at 11:59pm (ET).
Dropping a semester-long class after October 17th results in a W on your transcript and requires permission of the faculty via an add/drop form.


Last Day to Change Grading Basis: October 17th at 11:59pm (ET).

Module Courses (Short Duration/Length)

Module courses are courses that meet only for a few weeks during the semester. They have different add/drop dates compared to full term courses and according to when they meet.

Johnson (NBAY) Courses: NBAY courses have varied start/end dates, the last date to add and drop will be according to when classes meet either in the first half or the second half of the term.

7 Week 1/First Half Term Courses:
Add/Change Credits Deadline:  August 29th at 11:59pm (ET)
Drop/Change Grading Basis Deadline: September 19th at 11:59pm (ET).


7 Week 2/First Half Term Courses:

Add/Change Credits Deadline: October 21 at 11:59pm (ET).

Drop/Change Grading Basis Deadline: November 11 at 11:59pm (ET).


After the deadline date, students can drop the course only with Faculty permission and will be issued a “W” on their transcript via an add/drop form. To drop without a W, please do so before the drop deadline date.


For any arranged courses, students can drop the course after the first class session but BEFORE the start of its second class meeting. After the course meets for the 2nd time, only extreme circumstances will only be considered with faculty permission to drop the course.