Important Information:

  • The official, finalized Class Roster is now available for viewing. You can review all courses by filtering by Location for “Cornell Tech”.
  • Class meeting patterns, times, grading basis, prerequisites, mode of instruction, etc. are published on the official Class Roster.
  • Regular Enrollment is confirmed to start on February 2nd at 8:00am ET through February 22nd at 11:59pm ET. Please be mindful of these ET times if you are located in a different time zone!
  • Please note for any Ithaca hosted Classes, you will be able to directly enroll in the Ithaca 001 section. There is no Cornell Tech section.
  • Course Enrollment information such as how to add/drop/swap, cross listing enrollment tips, wait list processing, etc are all  indicated on our Course Enrollment Page. Please make sure to review this at your convenience!
  • Further updates will be announced and updated on this page as we approach the Spring semester.